Party time with iTube

Arranging music for a party is no longer a major i tube worry for a host.

Your tablet or even your mobile handset could be the source of music. With iTune it is now possible to have your favourite party numbers arranged in a playlist selected from among choicest YouTube videos. iTune is an application that helps in organizing YouTube videos, music albums, and movies into different playlists.

Each of these playlists is of a separate genre making your music arrangement perfect. These playlists could contain the ‘top 100’ numbers. For a party you could have a playlist of the top 100 musical numbers. From these you need to key-in the song you would love to hear in your gathering. If needed you could bookmark videos fro faster navigation.

Once this application is integrated to your mobile or tablet, you just need to select the song from your playlist and listen to it or watch it. The entire crowd would be on its feet gyrating to your scintillating numbers. You could zoom in or zoom out of a musical video at your own convenience. All that you need is a cellular phone, or notebook running on Android or iOS. Even an Apple Mac desktop or a laptop could serve the purpose.

With MovieBox make use of even the smallest leisure

Leisure time is now an endangered concept as life has become highly competitive. Work pressure at office, fast paced lifestyle, and packed schedules have taken away free time for yourself. An application moviebox apk like MovieBox is aimed at offering entertainment even within your packed schedule. This app is designed to offer you online viewing of films and television shows on your cellular handset or computing device at your convenience.
During recess, while commuting, or while waiting for departure at the airport you might use your internet accessible devices for watching movies or favourite television serials if you have this app installed. Streaming videos in HD (high definition) of your popular television programmes or favourite films would be available within seconds of making a selection. With leisure squeezed in between tasks you could make the most of it by catching up on new releases also. Output being available in HD, viewing experience is outstanding.


How to Use Xender?

There are several methods to transfer or share files between any two devices.

Among them, Bluetooth is the most famous and used method, but the method is slow as well the files that have a file size in gigabytes cannot be shared using this method. Even Bluetooth don’t work in devices that have alternative platforms like we cannot connect Android and iOS devices with Bluetooth. Then what to do?

The answer to the question is that you xender download can install Xender application. Xender is the easy and fast file transfer application. People can share videos, images and other files using Xender. Sharing files through Xender don’t cost anything, and even your mobile data connection is not required. What you should have is a Wi-Fi connection to transfer the apps, media files as well as doc files.

  • To use Xender on your device install the app using the steps those have been mentioned to download it. If you have the usage of the app on the Android device, then download it from play store. If you have an iOS device, then you can get it from iTunes store, and if you are going to transfer files using your PC, then you can download it using apk file method.
  • After the installation of Xender on whatever device you have simply launched the app on your device or system.
  • You have to create your profile on Xender if you are using it for the very first time. Create your profile and move onto next step.
  • Now you will be moved to the main screen of the application where you can see many categories such as apps, images, media, file, record, etc.
  • You can also see some options at the bottom of the screen like connect the phone, invite and more.
  • As you have to send or receive files so tap on connect phone option.
  • A screen will appear where there will be two options create a group and join the group. If you are going to share something, then tap on Create group.
  • A link to share files will be created on your device.
  • Now open Xender on the device to which you want to send files. There you will see the linked that has been created. Connect to it.
  • After this tap on the item, you want to share like if you want to share any application then tap on that particular app and the application will be shared with the connected device.

This detailed process can be followed to share files on any two or more devices. So, start sharing now.

How to Download YouTube Video Using SnapTube?

SnapTube has made the process much easier as you can download videos on your device in few steps and you don’t have to use other methods that are not safe and time-consuming as well. SnapTube has different options like categories, popular and top sites which help you to search your videos in no time.

The YouTube option in the SnapTube application allows the snaptube user to download the videos on their devices directly. Few steps to download YouTube videos on your device are:

1. Open the SnapTube application on your Android device or your PC.
2. Settings: The users are enabled to change the language of the application. The application supports hundreds of languages to facilitate the users all around the globe. The default language of the application is English, but you can change it to Spanish, Espanol, Chinese and many others.
3. Video Path: The download path of the video can be modified in the settings of the SnapTube application. There is a small icon on the top right corner of the screen, just tap it and now you can modify the settings of the application.

Now hit the option Top or Popular to search for the Top videos.
5. If you don’t find the required video in the list of favorite and top videos, then search the video using the keyword.
6. Keyword Search: For downloading videos using the keyword, write in the keyword in the search box and hit search icon. A list of videos having that keyword will appear on the screen.
7. Download Icon: You can stream the video, or you can download it. For downloading hit the download icon that is in red color on the right side of the video.
8. You have to wait as it will take some time to get the URL of the video.
9. Resolutions Pop Up: Now a pop-up will appear displaying the list of video resolutions. The video resolutions that are supported by the SnapTube are 1080p, 720p, 360p, 244p, 180p etc. You can select from the given list. Tap on the resolution of the video.
10. The video downloading will start as soon as you choose the resolution and the process will complete in hardly any minutes depending on the size and quality of the video as well as the speed of the internet.

These were the few steps to download any YouTube video using the SnapTube app. You can find the downloaded in the folder that you have mentioned in the path. The users can share the downloaded videos with their friends as well.

How to Use Mobdro

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